Franco Carlo Ricci (ITA)

Member of jury for the “Chopin” Section

He is former full professor of Music History at the Tuscia University of Viterbo, Italy and he is author of several essays and monographies in the field of music and opera, two of which got the “Premio della Cultura” award of the Italian Government. The essay “Francesco Siciliani. Sixty years of musical life in Italy” has been published in particular by ERI (RAI Editions) and by La Scala Theatre, with the introduction by L. Maazel and L. Berio and under the patronage of the Santa Cecilia National Academy, of the Milan’s La Scala, Venice’s La Fenice, Florence’s Comunale, Rome’s Opera, Naples’ San Carlo Theatres and of the Italian Federation of UNESCO Clubs. Furthermore, he has published with V. Voskobojnikov the world premiere of the Prokof’ev’s “1927 travel diary in Bolscevisia”, on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of Composer’s birth. He has also promoted and directed from 1980 to 1983 the research on “Urban music and society”, in cooperation with the Bari, Bologna, Rome and Viterbo Universities and with the Santa Cecilia National Academy; the research has been financed by the Ministry for Instruction and by the National Council for Research. He has founded in 1985 for the Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane of Naples the “Music and dance” series of which he is still director. He has also founded in 1988 the “International Music Centre”, of which he is art director, aiming to promote the knowledge and the dissemination of the Italian and other Countries’ musical culture. In 1994 he was awarded by the Ente dello Spettacolo the “Diego Fabbri” Prize and he has cooperated for more than twenty years with RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana. He carries out activity of lecturer and music critic and he has published on the “Nuova Rivista Musicale Italiana”, ERI (RAI Editions). He is chartered journalist in Rome.