The Association

Mission and goals

Founded in 1987 by Marcella Crudeli, world-renown pianist and concert artist, the Cultural Association “Fryderyk Chopin” in Rome is a non-political and non-profit Association whose mission is to organize cultural activities in general, both in Italy and abroad, particularly in the fields of music, theatre and film.

In the classical music spectrum, the Association is mostly involved with organizing concert Seasons, festivals, shows, music composition and execution competitions as well as professional training and advanced courses.

The Association has the following goals (art. 3 of the Charter):

1. to introduce first-time performances of living authors or of works that have never been performed before, to promote abroad as well as on a National and regional level, young artists who have recently gotten their music degrees and new emerging professionals, with particular stress on contemporary and avant-garde music offered to a scholastic audience, in order to enhance performances in less musically developed areas;

2. specific activities to spread the acquaintance of otherwise not widely known contemporary as well as classical and modern musical production;

3. rediscover and review compositions which have fallen into oblivion which are worth being enhanced;

4. to stimulate new lyrical, concert and ballet productions, to find new artistic elements entrusting their formation to famous teachers;

5. to produce, spread and publish records, recitals, pamphlets, books, publications, audiovisual devices that may contribute to the realization of social goals, as well as the reviewing of texts and records;

6. to widely spread the knowledge of Fryderyk Chopin’s less known compositions by organizing Conferences and seminaries on issues tied to Chopin’s personality and his musical production.